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      Sustainable Supply was founded in 2018 in California for a simple cause: To help the world choose sustainable and plastic-free alternatives that are made out of high quality materials.

      We recognize the damages of plastic pollution so that is why our small business was created. We have made it our mission to educate people about the extensive, unnecessary use on single-use plastic.

      Plastic waste is rapidly piling up, slowly killing our planet. Plastic in all of its forms takes up a thousand years and more to degrade. In its degrading process, it releases extremely toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. This has a devastating effects on our planet.

      We wanted to make a difference in this movement by supplying high quality products that wouldn't leave a negative impact. 

      We hope that you choose our products over others because we care deeply about our impact on the planet and want to be able to continue doing what we do. We can only continue to grow thanks to all of your support.

      One day, we plan on becoming an impactful business on the plastic-free movement. Thank you all for supporting us!